Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will the fountains on the downtown mall soon be working?

Work is in progress on the Charlottesville downtown mall fountains. I saw some plumbing work going on at the fountain by The Nook yesterday and some other work at the fountain at Miller's today. The pace of the project hasn't been very quick. And even though the photo I shot today looks like the action was too fast for my camera, I actually shook my camera as I shot the photo. But I like the "frantic activity" look of the photo and only wish it were true.

This work is part of the mall renovation project touted as being on-time and under-budget weeks ago.

I am looking forward to the fountains operating again. I am sure there is a sizable population of people living in Charlottesville who have never even had an opportunity to see the fountains working. The fountain at Central Place doesn't appear to have been worked on in many weeks. Anyone want to venture a guess when all four of the fountains will be operating? Let me know what date (or month or year if you believe one of those is a better timeframe) when the final fountain goes online. I will post the name of the person who submits the closest estimate to the actual date along with any comment they include with their guess.

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