Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Political Mondays with Peter Kleeman and Joe Thomas on TV-19 WCAV

Yesterday's WCAV TV-19 airing of Political Monday is now online. Below is the material posted online by WCAV. The video is about 5 minutes long - so check it out now if you have 5 minutes.

I questioned the desirability of the Commonwealth of Virginia contracting out major government responsibilities - in particular all of the information technology work to Northrup-Grumman. Joe Thomas indicated that he believes private industry does just just about everything better than government. Make up your own mind by viewing the video.

One interesting newspaper article indicated that about $100 Million was anticipated as savings from the Northrup-Grumman contract, but that in fact Information Technology costs were $6 Million higher than when the Commonwealth did it. I believe contracting is a great way to get specific tasks done, but contracting out major government responsibilities like management of government information is not desirable. Post a comment if you want to share your thoughts on these issues.

Political Mondays: Privatization of State Information Technology
In this week's Political Monday segment, Joe Thomas and Peter Kleeman talked about Privatization of State Information Technology services and trusting the bureaucracy.

See video here.

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