Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Political Monday clips available online

If you are interested in seeing Political Monday TV clips, Joe Thomas (my Political Monday partner) posts the shows on his WCHV Radio Show website. If you are interested, check them out here (http://wchv.com/Joe-Thomas-on-CBS-19/4022311).

Joe has links to a large archive of shows so you can view many of our previous shows. Political Mondays with Peter Kleeman and Joe Thomas has been a weekly show at 6:45 pm on TV-19 since last July. That is about forty shows.

I invite you to tune in to hear our comments on political issues of the day. The 50-year water plan was yesterday's topic and we will likely be addressing the Republican Primary for the Fifth District U.S. Congressional Seat next Monday.

Photo Source: Newsplex.com (From left to right: Peter Kleeman, Dan Schutte, Joe Thomas)