Monday, March 31, 2008

My NCAA Basketball Bracket is on Life Support

After this weekend's Men's NCAA basketball championship results, I have but one team picked to win one game next weekend. As one would expect, my non-statistical relatively uninformed bracket filling was relying on mostly luck. And, I had a bit of luck go my way. Comparing my picks to picking purely the better seeded teams to win I had the following results.

Round one: I picked 23 of 32 winners; 'experts' picked 24 of 32 winners.

Round two: I picked 12 of 16 winners; 'experts' picked 11 of 16 winners.

Round three: I picked 3 of 8 winners; 'experts' picked 5 of 8 winners.

Round four: I picked 1 of 4 winners; 'experts' picked 4 of 4 winners.

In summary, my bracket had 39 correct entries and 21 incorrect entries compared to the 'experts' having 44 correct entries and 16 incorrect entries. I can live with that. It just goes to show that we all can succeed on occasion in March Madness. Of course I relied a fair bit on the expert seedings to guide me in many of the selections. I am often picking underdogs to win, so I am surprised I did as well as I did. Memphis is my only chance at getting my 40th win this tournament in case you are curious.

Now, if I can have some success in picking election winners in the November 2008 election I will really be happy. My current national bracket includes Barak Obama for President, Mark Warner for U.S. Senator from Virginia, and Tom Perriello for the 5th congressional district. I didn't put any money on my basketball picks, but I have invested a bit in November 2008 political races. I may be telephoning you about some of these races to see if I can boost the odds of going 3 for 3 in November. I do significantly more homework in picking my candidates than basketball game winners, and I encourage you to do the same.

Visit:;; and when you get a chance to check out candidate choices for theses offices.

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