Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Pedestrian Space?

After months of construction, Third Street NE between Market Street and the Downtown Mall (East Main Street) is finally open. Unfortunately it hardly looks or feels like a pedestrian space. In fact, after the road was opened, I saw this space being used as a loading/unloading zone by delivery trucks. To me, the current space actually looks more like a loading/unloading zone with the bollards placed near the mall end of the block to keep the delivery trucks from driving onto the mall. My photo shows how this street look more like a vehicular mall crossing than the current (and hopefully temporary) mall crossing at East Fourth Street - one block from here. If it looks like a vehicle space, I am certain motorists will use it.

I wonder if this is just a transitional view of this block - with outdoor cafe seating, or more pedestrian oriented furniture or planters soon to be installed to make it look and feel like a pedestrian only space and not a loading zone or mall crossing. I do hope so. Perhaps our city planners can quickly get this area to read as a pedestrian area without having to put the two barricade-like signs to alert motorists not to enter. After many months of waiting for the street to open, I am hoping that this is not the final product.

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