Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Charlottesville High School Property Sought for Meadow Creek Parkway

I was surprised to learn that about nine acres of land is being sought by VDOT from the Charlottesville High School property to construct the Meadow Creek Parkway in Albemarle County. This was published in the Daily Progress by Barney Breen-Portnoy on April 4, 2008 in the article "VDOT wants school’s land for parkway." This article generated three letters to the editor published on April 9, April 11, and April 13. All of the letters opposed giving this land (that contains athletic fields also sorely needed in our community) over to VDOT for construction of the proposed Meadow Creek Parkway. It is my understanding that there will be an item on the April 17, 2008 city school board agenda relating to approval of the transfer of this land to VDOT for parkway construction.

I have never spoken before the city school board, but this may be my time. I hope you too will consider sharing your thoughts on giving away these nine acres - that will be in addition to other acreage in McIntire Park for the McIntire Road Extended and Route 250 Interchange at McIntire Road Projects. Perhaps we can encourage the city school board to consider this a "teaching opportunity." I will encourage them to provide leadership in creating a community our current students will follow in their future community involvement - ensuring that our resources are used for the benefit of our area without destroying our natural, historic, and cultural resources. I believe the Meadow Creek Parkway is not a facility that will benefit our region, but instead open even more land for development that would better be left undeveloped.

If you can attend and speak at the April 17 School Board meeting - terrific. If not, you can always contact the members of our school board and let then know your thoughts on this issue. Their contact information is available at http://www.ccs.k12.va.us/board_members.html.

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