Monday, March 10, 2008

Eastern Connector Blog to be Compiled in Regional Communities Posting

Photo depicts about half of my neighborhood - Source: NASA

It always amazes me how connected the world-wide-web is. My blog entry on the Eastern Connector issue is apparently (see comment at that entry) going to be included in a March 12, 2008 weekly posting of regional development issues at This blog is self-described as "A weekly compilation of news links about and for regional communities pursuing local and regional development" and has been published online since November 11, 2003. I checked out the current weekly summary and it includes a broad range of news on regional issues around the US. It is great to know that people are reading and responding to these postings!

So, if you are interested in scanning regional planning news from a variety of news sources in one spot on a weekly basis, check it out. And, let me know what you think of it. Of course, your comments on postings to this blog are always welcome, too.

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