Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pedestrian Safety Committee forming

The city of Charlottesville is forming a Pedestrian Safety Committee to study pedestrian issues in Chalrottesville. The committee will commence on March 12, 2008 and will be exploring pedestrian safety issues in the colored area in the attached map. The Charge is an ambitious one with the following elements
  • Analyze each intersection within the area shown in detail including Signal Timing, Crossswalk Condition, Handicap Ramp Condition, Crosswalk Signal Type, and Crosswalk Signal Timing
  • Examine lighting throughtou the study area
  • Examine sidewalk conditions including Cracks/Hazards, ADA Issues, Obstructions
  • Physical safety impediments
  • Signage - location and directional
  • Develop an education campaign for both the motoring public and pedestrians
  • Evaluate existing crosswalks for safety and ADA compliance and need for additional crosswalks city-wide
  • Evaluate pedestrian safety around all parks and schools.
I have been invited to serve on this committee and have accepted. It sounds like this is a very ambitious plan of action, but I believe it is very important that pedestrian safety be improved quickly. I walk frequently in the study area and know of many spots that need pedestrian safety improvements.

I encourage you to identify some of the pedestrian areas along your path to school or work or wherever and send them to me. I will be happy to include them in the inventory of issues for consideration and hope the city will be able to invest sufficient resources to make a significant improvement in our pedestrian network now, and as part of a yearly improvement policy.

Send any pedestrian safety thoughts you have to