Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meadow Creek Parkway construction happening on City Owned land

I visited the site of Meadow Creek Parkway project where the now destroyed softball field was located to find that some construction work is now going on at the site. It appears some pipe trenches are being dug and concrete pipe installed and some significant regrading of the site is also happening. Two backhoes and two bulldozers were working when I visited this morning. It appears that the phase of the project that had this site as only a storage location for construction vehicles is over and construction on the right-of-way that is the subject of the case in Charlottesville Circuit Court has begun again.

It is now over five weeks since the May 19 Circuit Court hearing and no decision from Judge Jay Swett has been released. I am hoping the decision comes soon so that additional construction damage to this site can be avoided (assuming the judge finds for the plaintiffs).

The photo above was taken from the driveway just west of the VDOT construction easement about 100 feet north of Melbourne Road. I hope you will visit this site to see what the fate of McIntire Park will be when (if) the McIntire Road Extended project is approved for construction. I find it hard to believe that this road is expected to carry over 20,000 vehicles per day from Rio Road to ultimately the Route 250 Bypass. How the Route 250 Bypass, McIntire Road and Free Bridge will handle this additional traffic is not clear to me. I believe this road will lead to much more - not less - congestion in Charlottesville. What do you think?

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