Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Jay Swett decision released on June 29, 2009

Circuit Court Judge Jay Swett sent his decision in Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park et a. vs. City of Charlottesville, et al. regarding transfer of temporary and permanent easements over city owned land to VDOT for construction of the Meadow Creek Parkway project in Albemarle County. You can see all of the relevant material in this case (Case number CL09000-84) at the Charlottesville Circuit Court. I produced a digital copy of the cover letter and the opinion for ease in distribution and comment. I corrected a few obvious typographical errors in the text and formatted the material as a web readable file. I plan to provide additional links within this copy of the material to reference other useful material refered to in the text.

I am disappointed that Judge Swett found for the defendants in this case. The Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park will be analyzing this opinion and determine if any further legal action will be taken.

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