Thursday, May 22, 2008

I knew "Diving" into the municipal pool issue would make a splash...

I am not surprised that some of my blog readers have commented on my recent posting about the book - Contested Waters - and our community municipal pool discussion. I suppose that there are other more highly charged issues like dog lease ordinances, but I did attend (and comment at) city council public hearings relating to this issue. Thanks for your comments - and I again suggest that you consider checking-out Contested Waters at our public library if you are interested in municipal pools and how they can impact a community.

Mike Svetz, Charlottesville's Director of Parks, Recreation & Golf, sent me some information he thought essential to clarify some information about Charlottesville Pools. Here is his comment in its entirety. I am delighted to get these details of the plan from Mr. Svetz and hope this clarifies any misleading or incorrect material I may have posted previously.

And, my thanks to Mike Svetz for reading my posting and providing more detail than I could ever provide.

From Mike Svetz, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Golf - May 22, 2008 via email.

Three major corrections to your blog that must be noted...

1. The current Smith and Crow pools are not "neighborhood" facilities as 78% of users are non-residents. They are in fact "regional community" facilities.

2. The YMCA land lease is for the construction of a 70,000 square foot community recreation center that will have at the very least, all of the following amenities, not just a pool...

fitness center
gymnasiums (including indoor walking-jogging track)
multi-purpose spaces (including meeting space)
locker rooms
child watch space
family aquatics center and competition pool

3 (AND MOST IMPORTANT). The City is consolidating the operations of the current Smith and Crow pools into a city constructed, city owned and city operated 25,000 square foot NEW SMITH AQUATIC AND WELLNESS CENTER on the campus of Buford School. The following is a brief description of what the NEW Smith facility will offer:

a. 19,000 square foot Family Aquatic Center with:

i. SIX (6) 25 yard lap fitness lanes with a water depth ranging from four (4) feet to approximately thirteen (13) feet.

ii. A zero depth entry to provide accessibility for the pool.

iii. A tot play zone with a water depth ranging from zero to 18 inches deep.

iv. The interactive play structure will be incorporated into the Tot Play zone.

v. A vortex area measuring approximate 17 feet in diameter.

vi. An approximately 80 feet long by 5 feet wide current channel.

vii. A pair of underwater benches has been added within the interior island space of the current channel. These benches have the option to be upgraded from a standard bench seating to a hydrotherapy (or spa like) bench by adding aerated nozzles in the bench back.

viii. Excess open water space has been provided to allow for water basketball and/or water volleyball

ix. Indoor, two-turn water slide.

x. Family Changing Locker rooms

xi. Birthday Party/Classroom

xii. Men’s and Women’s Locker rooms

b. Fitness Center

i. 3-5,000 square feet of exercise and fitness classroom space for use by primarily by seniors, therapeutic population and children (ages 10-15)

c. Customer Care/Office Space

We expect to open this facility by fall of 2010...

THANKS IN ADVANCE for making the corrections...

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