Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Huffington Post publishes photo of Albemarle Morris Men

May Day coverage in the Huffington Post Internet Newspaper showed the Albemarle Morris Men in a photo for an article of odd May Day traditions. Dave Norris (yes, Charlottesville's Mayor) was cruising the online political news in the Huffington Post and called me to share his find. This is a May Day photo from the dedication of the then new outdoor space at Westminster Presbyterian Church. There was nothing about the Albemarle Morris Men in the story, but Dave Norris and I (playing the melodeon and partially obstructed) are both in the picture. Check out Dave's posting. And, I suggest you visit his blog (cvilledave) for other Charlottesville news on a regular basis.

I fully expect to see stories about Dave Norris in future editions of the Huffington Post. But, I must admit that checking out this posting was the first and only time I visited that site.

I have no clue how he could circle the image as shown in the image (or even how to clip a screen image like that). I guess there are lots of graphic tricks one can do that I have not figured out how to do yet. Thanks for posting this on your blog, Dave.

Well, I need to end because the Albemarle Morris Men will be dancing on the Downtown Mall at 7:00 pm (or so) and in spite of what the time on this posting turns out to be - is is 5:40 pm already. Stop in to say hello if you are on the mall tonight, or some other time you see the Albemarle Morris Men on the mall or elsewhere.

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