Monday, January 14, 2008

Peter Kleeman is Blogging Again

I am blogging again. I took a few weeks off from blogging after my blogging as a candidate for City Council in Charlottesville Virginia. I was not elected, but I believe my participation in the campaign brought attention to key local issues relating to managing growth, providing broader transportation choices, enhancing citizen participation in government, and encouraging more responsive government. My campaign blog is a good example of what this blog will be. I have been an active voice on issues before Charlottesville City Council for many years and will continue to bring my ideas and suggestions before city council, the planning commission, city staff, and other stakeholders. I plan to post information, ideas, schedules, relating to many of these issues.

I hope you will bookmark this site and visit often. And, don't hesitate to post comments to my blog in the spirit of lively interaction in search of positive outcomes.


Trish said...

Peter, glad to have you online again. I hope that you enjoy the new blog and wish you the best in raising public awareness and promoting discussion of issues important to Charlottesville and beyond. Happy blogging!

Jennifer said...

Welcome! We are happy to have your voice back in the 'sphere!

Sean Tubbs said...

Welcome back, Peter!