Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Photo Field Trip on the Charlottesville (Virginia) Historic Downtown Mall

On Saturday morning, July 19, 2014 I was on a field trip with several classmates in the course I was taking at Piedmont Virginia Community College to try out the skills we learned in the previous 5 weeks of the course - "Discovering Digital Photography" taught by Christian DeBaun. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and so I am posting here the five photos I submitted for the class critique. There are ten students in the class so we will have lots of photos to discuss. I am looking forward to tomorrow's class.

Some lanterns at the Chinese products shop on the downtown mall.

The dress racks at the east end of the downtown mall.

The wedding shop on the east end of the downtown mall.

Chris, the owner of the bookstore at York Place. She was very willing for the entire class to take photos in her store.

While doing photo experiments in an ally just north of the downtown mall I captured Chris DeBaun, the class instructor, photographing a nest of wires shooting straight up. I had mixed results working with a bright sky overhead, but had a bit of success after several trials.

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