Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Huguely verdict might come at any time now.

After two weeks of passing by the Charlottesville Circuit Court on my walk to downtown Charlottesville, it is clear that the media are set to broadcast whatever the jury's decision is to the world. I counted seventeen satellite truck and encountered more cameras than I could count on both sides of East High Street in the environs of the courthouse. It is a springlike day today and I am sure the media folks are thrilled that there is no freezing rain - no cold wind - and no sign of  weather typical of it being Feb. 22 in central Virginia.

My major 'take-away' from following this trial is that the Charlottesville Police Department is truly a professional police department. All of the police and detectives involved in the case exhibited truly professional behavior. I have passed my compliments on to my friends in the police department and look forward to sharing this with Chief Tim Longo in person the first chance I get.


I have been following the Huguely murder trial in the Daily Progress, on Charlottesville Right Now (with Coy Barefoot) on WINA radio 1070, and in both the Hook and C-Ville Weekly. Based on what I have read and seen on both our TV stations - WCAV and WVIR, I am predicting that the jury will find Huguely guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter and suggest a sentence somewhere in the vicinity of five years (the maximum would be ten years).

The photos in this posting were shot by me at the Circuit Court today (Feb. 22, 2012) about 1:00 p.m.

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