Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Council Candidate Kathy Galvin misses rather then makes political point in recent press connference

Kathy Galvin, candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for City Council stated in a recent press conference that "the city has reached a 'low point' in its political discourse that mirrors the rancor and 'paralysis' of Washington politics as the local debate continues to focus on a few controversial projects." [See the Graham Moomaw Daily Progress story entitled "Galvin blasts some opponents as 'single-issue oriented'" dated Aug 1, 2011]. I think candidate Galvin is missing the point of the debate among candidates. What better time to discuss controversial topics than now.

Candidate Galvin's position on two of these controversial issues - the 50-year water plan and the Meadowcreek Parkway construction - is to consider them done-deals. Frankly, this looks like an attempt to dodge two of the major issues before City Council now and likely into the next council term. I certainly respect Galvin's right to her opinion on these issues, but find her claim that having candidates feature these issues in their candidacy as displaying a "bunker mentality" is just plain silly.

I will be voting for candidates that are eager to discuss the controversial issues in an open and constructive way. Kathy Galvin is clearly at this moment one candidate in the Democratic primary that will not be among my council choices. Perhaps candidate Galvin will explore the reasons why these issues are so controversial and participate in future efforts toward resolving these issues rather than asking other candidates not to include them in the council campaign conversation.

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