Monday, March 21, 2011

My NCAA Basketball Bracket is still in decent shape

The ball has been bouncing my way for the most part. In the round of 32, I successfully picked 10 of the 16 winners - including having Richmond, Florida State, and Butler making the "Sweet 16" as upset winners.

The Next Round: Both Syracuse and Purdue are gone, but I can still get 6 teams on my bracket into the "Elite 8"; 3 teams into the final four; and my Ohio State-BYU final is still a possibility. If Butler (8) can upset Wisconsin (4) and BYU (3) can upset Florida (2) and four of the favorites Ohio State, Duke, SDSU, and Kansas win I will have successfully picked 6 of the Elite 8 teams.

My record to date:

Picked 3 of the "First 4"
Picked 26 of 32 in the round of 64 [see previous blog post for details]
Picked 10 of 16 in the round of 32

Thus, I have picked 39 winners in the 52 games played so far - for a 75-percent success rate.

This is about as well as I have done in picking winners in the NCAA National Championships. Now I am sorry I didn't register my picks in some sports channel competition. I might have one of the better brackets around (but I don't know how to check others' successes).

Check back next week for my results in the next two rounds.

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