Thursday, July 2, 2009

People in fives - fountains in fours

I often hear folks talk about things happening in twos or threes, but fives? I had my camera with me on two recent occasions on the Charlottesville Downtown mall and first encountered five 'moms' with their five one-week old babies (all delivered by the same midwife) at Cafe Cubano. Then, I encountered a group of five servers awaiting the start of their dinner shift at Sal's on the mall.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I will be looking to see if I keep encountering things in fives.

It is good to see that the five new babies are already users of the downtown mall, although they were not eating off the menu.

I noticed some work going on at the mall fountains. I am looking to the four fountains to be operating soon. One of the workers said that all four fountains should be repaired and refurbished within four weeks. I hope it is sooner than that, but I am ready to enjoy the fountains soon.

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