Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charlottesville Tomorrow posts item on CPMP court filings

Charlottesville Tomorrow posted a blog item on March 2, 2009 that provides a very good description of the various legal opportunities currently being pursued by the Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park (CPMP). If you read that material and the background links provided in the blog and in the comments you should be able to understand what is being asked in the Circuit Court filings, and why. The filing for a preliminary injunction against construction activity on the city owned land on which the Meadow Creek Parkway is proposed was submitted on February 24, but no court date has yet been set. Irreparable damage can continue until at least the hearing on the preliminary injunction is held. I visited the Circuit Court today to see if I could find out if there is a statutory limit on time between filing for a preliminary injunction and when the hearing occurs, but was informed there is no upper time limit. I suppose it is possible that there won't be a tree standing or deer or beaver or squirrel to be found when the hearing finally occurs. The technology being used on the site can reduce a tree to logs stacked and ready to haul in a matter of minutes. At two minutes each, one machine group (as in a photo taken several days ago) can reduce 1200 large trees to logs in a 40 hour work week. In the time I watched this machinery at work, a tree was lifted, had its branches stripped, and sawed into logs (perhaps for lumber) and to long thin tops (perhaps for paper) in just over one minute each. Even this one machine group could have that entire wooded area cut, stacked and hauled before court day. Somehow this doesn't seem like justice is even possible if one can't be heard in a timely manner by a circuit court judge.

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